Change History

0.9 (2009/1/6)

Backport changes made to repoze.tm2 (the version of this library which depends only on the transaction package rather than all of ZODB).

Docs moved into Sphinx.


Relaxed requirement for ZODB 3.7.2, since we might need to use the package with other verions. Note that the tests which depend on transaction having “doom” semantics don’t work with 3.7.2, anyway.


Depend on PyPI release of ZODB 3.7.2. Upgrade to this by doing bin/easy_install -U ‘ZODB3 >= 3.7.1, < 3.8.0a’ if necessary.


after_end.register and after_end.unregister must now be passed a transaction object rather than a WSGI environment to avoid the possibility that the WSGI environment used by a child participating in transaction management won’t be the same one used by the package. now inserts a key into the WSGI environment ( if it’s active in the WSGI pipeline. An API function, can be called with a single argument, the WSGI environment, to check if the middleware is active.


Depend on rerolled ZODB 3.7.1 instead of zopelib.

Add license and copyright, change trove classifiers.


Depend on zopelib rather than ZODB 3.8.0b3 distribution, because the ZODB distribution pulls in various packages (zope.interface and ZEO most notably) that are incompatible with stock Zope 2.10.4 apps and older sandboxes. We’ll need to revisit this.


Provide limited compatibility for older transaction package versions which don’t support the ‘transaction.isDoomed’ API.


Provide after_end API for registering callbacks at transaction end.


Initial Release