Change Log

0.7.4 (2009/01/28)

  • Readd missing zope.testing dependency.
  • Add testing module.
  • Add registerContentFactory API to testing module.
  • Add registerListItem API to testing module.

0.7.3 (2008/12/28)

  • Disuse the IContentType IInterface. This feature requires provideInterface, which uses the global ZCML registry. We are able to mark our content interfaces using IContent instead.
  • Added Sphinx docs.

0.7.2 (2008/12/21)

  • Make changes that allow us not to require “” (and its dependencies).

0.7.1 (2008/12/12)

  • Speed up get_content_type and get_content_types by using a content type cache rather than rooting through the adapter registry every time we need to call them. To invalidate the cache, do sitemanager.unregisterUtility(IContentTypeCache).

0.7 (2008/12/10)

  • Add lemonade:listitem directive and get_listitems API.

0.6 (2008/12/2)

  • Use zope.component.getSiteManager instead of zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager to find an adapter registry. This helps bfg inasmuch as it will use the bfg registry rather than the base registry when getSiteManager has been hooked; it will fall back to getting the global site manager if it has not been hooked.

0.5 (2008/12/2)

  • Add IContent interface. When an IFoo interface is declared via ZCML as lemonade:content, add the IContent interface to the __bases__ of the IFoo interface when the ZCML executes.
  • Change how is_content works: use IContent.providedBy(object) instead of scanning the application registry for factories.

0.4 (unknown)

  • Add is_content and get_content_type APIs to content module.

0.3 (2008/10/11)

  • Evolution machinery moved to repoze.evolution.
  • Workflow machinery moved to repoze.workflow.
  • Folder machinery moved to repoze.folder.
  • (Remaining: content registrations)

0.2 (2008/10/05)

  • Added evolution module; useful to evolve ZODB and other persistent data structures in lockstep with code changes. Needs documentation.


  • Initial release.