Installing repoze.catalog

How To Install

You will need Python version 2.4 or better to run repoze.catalog. Development of repoze.catalog is done primarily under Python 2.4, so that version is recommended. repoze.catalog does not run under any version of Python before 2.4, and does not run under Python 3.X.


To succesfully install repoze.catalog, you will an environment capable of compiling Python C code. See the documentation about installing, e.g. gcc and python-devel for your system. You will also need setuptools installed on within your Python system in order to run the easy_install command.

It is advisable to install repoze.catalog into a virtualenv in order to obtain isolation from any “system” packages you’ve got installed in your Python version (and likewise, to prevent repoze.catalog from globally installing versions of packages that are not compatible with your system Python).

After you’ve got the requisite dependencies installed, you may install repoze.catalog into your Python environment using the following command:

$ easy_install -i repoze.catalog

What Gets Installed

When you easy_install repoze.catalog, various Zope libraries and ZODB are installed.

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