Setuptools builds on Python’s distutils to provide easier building, distribution, and installation of packages.
An attribute of a model object that determines its type. It is an instance of a zope.interface Interface class.
The Z Object Publishing Framework. The granddaddy of Python web frameworks.
The Zope Object Database which is a persistent object store for Python.
Field index
A type of index that is optimized to index single simple tokenized values. When a field index is searched, it can be searched for one or more values, and it will return a result set that includes these values exacty.
Text index
A type of index which indexes a value in such a way that parts of it can be searched in a non-exact manner. When a text index is searched, it returns results for values that match based on various properties of the text indexed, such as omitting “stopwords” the text might have.
Facet index
A type of index which can be used for faceted search.
Path index
A type of index that keeps track of documents within a graph; documents can be searched for by their position in the graph.
The underlyingindexingmachinery that repoze.catalog uses.
The catalogingimplementation on which repoze.catalog is based (although it doesn’t use any of its code).
An isolated Python environment. Allows you to control which packages are used on a particular project by cloning your main Python. virtualenv was created by Ian Bicking.

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